How the CCWD Ticket System Works

We’ve expanded our support system to better meet the needs of our customers. Using our new ticket system at, you may now submit your request directly to the proper staff member to assist you.

Once you’ve created you’re first ticket, you are allowed to log back into the system and check status of tickets, review activity for billing information. Updates will be sent automatically by email when action is taken on any of your requests.

Below, you’ll find some basic information on how the ticket system works, but if at any time you are questioning where you’re request should go, just send it in using any of the contact emails provided! We can get your request to the proper staff member and be sure it’s address accordingly.

Type of Request Definitions:


Questions regarding an invoice, requests to migrate or terminate hosting services, domain registrations, renewals and transfers, etc. can all be handled through our billing department.

Graphics and Creative Requests

Graphics and creative requests consist of any print ads, web ads, brochures, business cards, social media imagery and postings, social media campaigns etc. There are two ways you can submit ad requests, social media postings, etc.:

  1. EMAIL: Send all requests to These requests will automatically be entered in the CCWD ticket system which will be a better form of communication.
  2. SUBMIT A TICKET: You may also submit a ticket directly in the ticket system at

By replying to the same email thread, you will update the your tickets accordingly.

Ads and other creative pieces should contain the following information:

  1. Description of piece (what will it be used for, goals, etc.)
  2. Size (w x h)
  3. All final copy (headline, offer, expiration date, location, other)
  4. Color requirements (full color, b/w)
  5. For print or electronic
  6. Photo direction (burger, drink, pasta, etc. or attach a sample)
  7. Sample ad/piece if possible
  8. Deadline

Social Media posting and email marketing requests should contain:

  1. Approved wording for message
  2. Which social media platforms you’d like the message shared on (Facebook, Pinterest, etc)
  3. Whether you’d like imagery created/included
  4. Date you’d like items shared for each platform

Site Maintenance / Site Updates

Like an automobile, websites need tune ups from time to time. Send site updates and maintenance requests to the email address. We can handle all sorts of maintenance here, even the not-so-glamorous requests such as WordPress backups and updates, adding/removing photos, embedding video, adding/removing email accounts, etc.

Technical Support

For when something just isn’t working quite right. For example, your content management system won’t allow you to load an image or PDF, or you can send but not receive email.

Sales / New Website Project

If you’re thinking of creating or re-creating your business website or if you’d like to know more about our internet marketing, social media promotion, you may direct your request to our sales team. They’d be happy to help answer any questions you have.

Ticket Priority

Tickets you submit may be prioritized based on the level of urgency.


The ticket system allows you to label time sensitive requests as URGENT and will send a text message directly to one of our staff members. Please submit all URGENT requests directly through the ticket system.

Urgent requests would include the following: unable to send or receive email; website is down; there is a server error in your browser window when you try to access your website; insecure website notice, eCommerce shopping cart isn’t functioning; need an ad with quick turnaround time to meet a deadline. Please use your judgement when flagging a ticket as URGENT.