Content Management Systems

CMS for New Website Development

All of our new websites are constructed with some sort of Content Management System (CMS). We have found that most business owners want to be able to control their content, whether it be now or in the future. Not only that, but maintenance costs are cut WAY down when an office manager can make changes to a website as opposed to a programmer.

We build our newly constructed websites in WordPress mainly, as it seems to be the most user-friendly CMS for business owners. However, we also have the ability to custom code a site in PHP or ColdFusion, bringing more robust functionality where WordPress may be limited.

CMS for Existing Websites in HTML or PHP

Not Looking for a New Website? Introducing Cedar Creek CMS!

For existing sites programmed in PHP or HTML, we have a great content management solution which enables the ability to edit page content within a website using an inline editor. Starting at only $10/mo., Cedar Creek CMS gives you the convenience of editing specified text blocks on your website without the fear of “breaking” something.

Cedar Creek CMS is ready to install on your site. Contact us for more information and to see if Cedar Creek CMS is a good fit for you.